How To Grow Short Natural African American Hair

Hello CaitlinFirst off,thank you so much for taking the time to provide such a helpful service, at no cost to the public. It seems to me that you are a busy woman, and yet you take the time to answer "repeat" questions; I, for one appreciate it immenesly.My question to you is this: Is there an age one reaches where your mentioned techniques would NOT work?I am a 40 yr old woman who weight trains(moderately) & consequently has naturally lowering levels of estrogen(due to age) & somewhat elevated testosterone (due to weight training). During pregnancy(x3)and nursing each child until toddlerhood, I was a 38 D,and 180lbs. After weaning last child, I lost weight & had a reduction done, and was a 34B, 120lbs. Now Im down to a 34A. I guess what Im asking is: am I too old to see results if \I follow your recommendations? (No signs of menopause yet.)Im taking in a high protien shake twice a day to help me gain some weight, and have reduced my weight training to help lower testosterone & have begun taking soy & how to grow short natural african american hair fenugreek to help boost estrogen naturally.In your opinion,is it possible to see results at my age? (*Gorgeous* boyfriend is 10 yrs. my junior,& Im not ready for him to move on ;) )Thank you for your time, Caitlin.